Austin Nevada a living ghost town

It was in November 2015 when we traveled through Austin Nevada, going South after we spent the summer in Montana.

Austin Nevada two days after the snow storm

Austin Nevada two days after the snow storm

The big snowfall that started the day we started our trip South followed us through the high elevations of the Oregon mountains and it was also present in abundance here.

Snow on Hwy 95 Oregon - Nevada

Snow on Hwy 95 Oregon – Nevada

It was Veterans day and the “Loneliest Highway” – route 50 – was lonelier than normal – I guess…, and I had the same impression about this small old town – everything was closed.

Austin Nevada is a living ghost town

This place is an unincorporated community in Lander County, Nevada at an elevation of about 6000 ft in the Toiyabe Range of Mountains. It developed during a silver rush around 1860’s for the mining opportunities, not only on silver, but also gold, turquoise and uranium. Turquoise of high quality is still mined here in small quantities.

At the first sight, the old small town looked to me almost like a ghost town. However, as a proud local advises, Austin Nevada is more alive than it appears to be.

Austin Nevada Main Street

Old buildings on the Main Street

There are 3 hotels, one B&B, two gas stations, a library and lots of interesting things to see and do here as a tourist.

**This place also was a stop on the famous Pony Express route.

Austin Nevada Library

Austin Nevada Library

Historic signs in Austin Nevada

If you like historic towns as I do, here are two signs I saw on the wall of an old building:

Old hotel sign

Old hotel sign

Old bar sign

Old bar sign

In this historic town you can also shop for locally crafted jewelry made with the famous turquoise, plus antiques and souvenirs.

Austin Nevada shops and bar

Shops and bars on the main street

This time we just made a short stopover, but we’ll probably come back. I’d like to see more of the mining and historic artifacts here, as well as the beautiful surrounding area. If you plan to Austin Nevada, check the hotel reviews and prices.

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  1. Gold and silver mining has continued in the area sporadically and at generally low levels of production. This active turquoise mining, together with several shops that manufacture jewelry from local turquoise have made Austin a sort of Nevada Turquoise mecca.

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